Summer Arches

October 2023

About Suzanne Price

Walking through a floral arch or being married underneath one has become very popular in the last few years. Traditionally, it signifies the home and the future the bride and groom will build together, so it is understandably a key feature at a wedding.

We have flowered many an arch this year as we are very lucky to work in some fabulous venues that have some amazing arches and entrances to decorate. When planning an arch for your wedding consider whether you want it all the way around or just flowers to decorate the top. With stone walls there may not be fixings so it may be necessary to put up something free standing. If your arch is large do consider if those sitting to the side of it will still get a good view of the happy couple.

Arches can be a bit pricey because there are a lot of flowers in them and they can be time consuming to make but they can also be a show stopper, a wow factor and are great for photo opportunities so are very good value. We can also add artificial material into them to help bring the price down without compromising that fabulous floral look.    

Definitely something worth thinking about!

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