Terms and Conditions

Our aim is to give the best and fairest service possible whilst we are working with you. Please read through our terms and conditions for important information before you confirm your booking.

1. To confirm an order a booking fee of 20% of the total estimate is required. Payment of this is deemed to be agreement or our terms and conditions and is non-refundable. The booking fee covers securing the date, communications, administration, planning, appointments, research, initial purchasing. It does not cover flowers or displays. 

2. We normally allow for 1 consultation and one catch up meeting per couple. This can take the form of one face to face and one virtual appointment. All other discussions and updates take place via email or phone.  A fee may be charged for additional meetings. We will undertake site visits where necessary (if we are unfamilliar with a venue) and where it is not possible to co-ordinate with the client this will be taken in our own time, at our own expense.

3. The outstanding balance on the order must be paid at least 21 days before the date on which the order is due to be delivered. Should addtional items be added after this payment a supplementary invoice will be raised which must be paid via online payment before the event date.

4. It is recognised that variations from an estimate may be required by the customer. Where such changes involve additional labour or materials, appropriate charges will be made.

5. Fresh flowers and plants can vary in quality within the seasons, therefore, we reserve the right to make appropriate substitutions for flowers and foliage if necessary. It should be noted that periods of exceptionally hot weather can effect the longevity of fresh flowers.

6. Pedestals, containers or decorative display items used in the construction and display of floral designs are not included in the cost of the flowers unless stated in the estimate and remain the property of The Flowersmiths.

7. Items hired from The Flowersmiths are to be returned or collected undamaged no more than 3 days after the event. A returnable deposit may be taken in advance to cover any damages or missing items. All additional damages or missing items must be paid for in full.

8. Although market flower prices fluctuate daily, we are experienced in producing accurate and reliable estimates. However, if market prices change dramatically due to national/worldwide economic factors that are outside our control we reserve the right to adjust our charges accordingly. You will be consulted in advance about alternative measures or substitutions should this situation arise.

9. As part of our professional service it is important that we interpret our customers requirements as closely as possible. The customer understands that the final interpretation and design is at our artistic discretion.

10. Your flowers will be delivered in water or suitable packaging to keep the flowers at optimum freshness. Displays set up prior to an event will be made to last through the event, usually with a water source. Once delivered and set up, it is the recipients/venue's responsibility to keep the flowers in optimum conditions before the event to avoid damage or loss. 

11. Please note some flowers and plants may be harmful if eaten, and can cause allergic reactions. We are not responsiblefor any plant  material that may be ingested by children, adults or animals. Rarely some people can have allergic reactions to some plant materials. Whilst we are not responsible for this we will avoid certain fresh materials if this is bought to our attention at the initial consultation.

12. Cancellation Terms. In the event of a cancellation of an order for any reason  a charge will be made.  The amount will depend on how much notice is given. 6 months or less 30% of the invoice will be due. 4 Months or less 60%of the invoice, 3 months or less 70% of the invoice, 28 days of the invoice 100% of the invoice. The amount will cover already incurred costs, time, loss of businesss, administrations, staff, planning etc. The same cancellationterms will apply to the whole of an order or where more than 50% of the stimated total cost of the order is cancelled.

13.  Force Majeure. We are not responsible for failure or delivery if it relates to certain factors outside our control. These include but are not limited to acts of God, riots, wars, natural disasters, strikes, floods, fire sabotage or governmental decisions. If the customer is forced to postpone their event as a direct result of such conditions we will endeavour to move the booking fee across to a new date free of charge if this is possible. Refunds will only be made when we are prohibited or are unavailable to provide our services. A new contract will be drawn up for the new date which may be subject to market price increases depending on the new date. If a custmer takes the decision to cancel their event as a direct result of these circumstances then a refund will be given, less any work undertaken.

14. Voluntary Postponement. Where a customer wishes to postpone their event for any reason other than force majeure or catastrophic circumstances then we will endeavour to move to a new available date within 12 months from the original date and if more than 6 months notice is given. If less than 6 months notice is given we may require a moving fee of £100 to cover disruption and additional administration.  A new date requires a new contract and will require an additional booking fee to confirm agreement. The customer understands that a new contract will include market price rises which may have occurred since the original estimate. If we are unavailable for the new date or it is more than12 months ahead of the original, or the event is rescheduled out of our normal working area, the booking fee is non refundable and cancellation terms may apply.

15. In the unlikely event that forces or circumstances beyond our control necessitate our cancellation of the contract with the customer our liability will be limited to returning the money paid by the customer in respect of floral arrangements or services not provided.

16. It is the customers own responsibility to provide up to date and correct information (including contact details, timings, and venues). The customer understands that information given too late may impair out ability to meet their expectations. We reserve the right to set a deadline for last minute changes.

17. Due to our wholesale order times any changes to estimates or invoices by the customer made less than 21 days before the function date may not be accomodated but we will of course try to oblige small ammendments where we can.  

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