First Anniversary Party

May 2022

About Suzanne Price

Sarah and Richard had to postpone their wedding due to government restrictions in 2020 and got married a year later with just 15 people. It was a beautiful wedding that we were so thrilled to be a part of, but they didn't have all the floral wedding decorations they had planned.  

The plan was to have a second attempt the following year and have all the trimmings but when they came to see me 6 months before, they'd had a change of heart. The tiny wedding, even though there were only 15 people was of course their very special wedding day they decided they couldn't and didn't want to better it, but would have a 1st anniversary party instead, this meant no buttonholes, no bouquets, but a super colourful marquee to decorate.  

I have worked with these two for about 3 years over the most difficult covid years, heart braking at times, but this was one of the most rewarding and memorable weddings I have had. Especially loved the colourful splash that gave a celebration setting to their happy ever after!

All images supplied by amazing photographer Helen England

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