February Wedding at The Castle

February 2023

About Suzanne Price

Hannah and Adam had a love of history and especially Anne Bolyn and so this really was the only choice for their wedding venue.

The Great Hall at Hever is filled with treasures including a huge portrait of Henry Viii. Adam felt very strongly that with Henry's poor reputation as a husband and track record of marriage, that he didn't want him present on their wedding day. So we agreed to the unusual request to place a very large arrangement of flowers right in front of his portrait! 

They came to me with a love of burnt oranges for their flowers and mixed seasonal greens. We tried to keep to mostly seasonal flowers and foliage and included rosemary for scent. Ivy was strewn over the floor and the table interspresed with orange roses. We loved the mix of textures and warm colours and the warm sympathetic pictures were taken by talented photographer Teri V. 


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